Summoners War Hack – Crystals and Mana Generator


Summoners War is an amazing game, isn’t it? All of us here at have been playing since 2014 and still play to this day. One thing I’m sure we can all agree on, including you, the user reading this right now, is that the prices for crystals are extremely high. It’s no secret that Summoners War players have spent upwards of $1000 before getting their first natural 5 star monster. CRAZY! This is what motivated us to make this Summoners War hack so that people like yourself don’t have to spend your hard earned money for little to no return. Now we can all enjoy free Summoners War crystals.

Your probably thinking to yourself “hmmm well what if I get banned?” and you are right for thinking this, it’s a normal reaction. We have done extreme personal testing on our Summoners War Hack and also had a large volume of users use our Summoners War Hack over the last few months, without a single report of a ban. We believe we have created the only undetected hack tool for Summoners War to date. With the generators built in proxy support, as well as some crazy algorithms, your generated Summoners War crystals will not even show up as a purchase. As far as Com2Us are concerned, your crystals do not even exist!

This is the mistake made by the developers of other hack tools that we have come across, the generated crystals actually show up in your purchase history on Com2Us’s end. So for example, they would see “noobuser007 purchased 25,000,000 crystals” and of course that puts up a major red flag for two reasons. Number one, you cannot purchase that amount of crystals in one transaction. Number two, they received no money for said 25mil crystals.

So if you want a safe, reliable Summoners War Hack tool to use, stick with us :)


Hack crystals
Hack mana
No viruses, adware or malware
Full android and iOS support
No jailbreak/root required
User friendly




1. Exit you Summoners War game
2. Click the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of this page
3. Enter your Summoners War account
4. Select the quantity of crystals and mana that you require
5. Press start and wait for confirmation that it is complete
6. Enjoy! Please note that you may only operate our hack tool once per account every 24 hours

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