Animal Jam Play Wild Hack – Sapphires Generator


Animal Jam Play Wild is a hugely popular and really fun game played by millions of people from all over the world. There really is only one negative with Animal Jam Play Wild and that is the need for premium currency to progress in the game and have access to all the things that you need. Of course, most games do seem to follow this business model now in order to encourage players to make a purchase. With the introduction of our Animal Jam Play Wild hack you are now able to get those sapphires without making any purchase.

Right now you are probably having doubts about ‘cheating’ because of a fear of getting your account banned. We have done some serious testing on our Animal Jam Play Wild Hack and have had many people try our Animal Jam Play Wild Hack in recent times without any issues or any reports of a ban. With our engines built in proxy support, as well as some crazy algorithms, your generated Animal Jam Play Wild sapphires will not even exist in the eyes of the game developers.


Hack sapphires
No viruses, adware or malware
Full android and iOS support
No jailbreak/root required
User friendly




1. Exit your Animal Jam Play Wild game
2. Click the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of this page
3. Enter your Animal Jam Play Wild account
4. Select the quantity of sapphires that you require
5. Press start and wait for confirmation that it is complete
6. Enjoy! Please note that you may only operate our hack tool once per account every 24 hours

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